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Posted 21 hours ago

Obama and healthcare verses UN. revised with healthcare option.

Since the beginning of the United states and its past verses the precent state the UN doesnt want obama attending G summit meets stating after recent action of its adminstration and it outlook in future presidents that the UN may just cut off the united states cause it lacks the ability to sustain worth inside it’s country.

That would be useful and far as its recent 2.5 million job creation bill which turned out to be a 450,000 jobs cause people going back to there old job isnt creating jobs its just people going back after being laid off.

So UN verses the US healthcare in the united states its nice to have healthcare but the state of it funding itself is well
Its kinda like this when you have 350 million people and current unemployment is 25 percent minus the count of 12 percent that didnt get recorded and question being that 40 million without full time jobs not talking about kids and colllege, would have jumped that number to be like 52 percent which would then set the number of jobless not including retired or welfare people at current 37 percent to 48 percent.

So right know if the country isnt all that as a good job investment let alone it lieing about its unemployed people and pushing thru with a dead horse type health care plan with piss poor security at its borders and still looking at sending more jobs over seas. While spending excess money on covering his tracks on many other issues of using medium type business to help do so by purpose od the internet and underdlined programs to shut certain types of people off to funnel money else were to pay for this expense.

The funny part about this is all the money they spent on sitting shitting themselves at the white house and pentagon could been as easy ass this.

Simply, to convert the already existing welfare program,
Funnel money into its accounts which has a good foot hold on health and start up would have cost 1.5 trillion instead od 14 trillion.

How it works is simple we up the cost of provider health care to welfare type program which you still woukd see on ur checks insurance cost on ur checks but at a grid level rate kinda like 1-10, depending on how much you make depends how much you pay which contributes into the pool of money so if your minium wage and going to college and working 30 hrs a week then example would be 10 a week for healthcare.

Now if your above poverty level then within a grid level it would be more by how much you make yearly. So if your making 45,000 a year we lower the federal amount by prrcentage of 3.5 and recoup it by healthcare or give a cost break on fed or health care which part of that 3.5 would be recoup thou to healthcare by 2 percent.

Now how this far out is the money would revolve into the pool and those who dont use excess of healthcare meaning they go 40 yrs just with the normal doctor visits would enlarge that pool for older/younger ones.

The other part would be to force cost in hospitals down to a more cost effective method by simply supplying it are selves then increasing are profits and cost worthness of healthcare.
So if someone wants to goto blue cross and blue shield outside of govenment treatment who has money in excess of blue collar worker or middle class.
You can at there rates which would be lowered cause anything you paid in would go Into welfare or government insurance program to bring that up and level the funds out. So if you paid 10 years for healthcare and only got a once a year physical then anything over the cost of that physical would pool into government fund which it would come out to 20 percent of what you paid in would return to the government fund of healthcare for your account which revolves.
Now far as those outside the government healthcare inexcess of 250,000 a year would pay 35 a week even thku there not inside the government health care program it would then go towards retirement health expense even thou it would revovle as well course it woukd also be non charitable and you couldnt tax it pkus this would have a grid from 1-10 as well more then likely be higher then middle to poor class.
Far as the mega rich they would be required to pay or thru business would be required to pay there employees healthcare lowering there monthly to 35 a week for example as a break to them for starting a legal business and not a shell company or umbrella company and must higher 100 or more employees.

So the start up numbers if you run them would be a fully functional program in under a year and half that would work and expand jobs and health at the same time.

Posted 23 hours ago

What would happen if the US entered Into another world war but on US Soil?

So looking at the US defenses and the question being what would happen if the US enter into another war but on US soil, that is pretty easy if you know how to attack a country and dont really care about people numbers.

So in real life war the US could really easily be crippled if they went after the southern borders nuclear reactors being there 12 sitting down there in close range of each other then just air bombed the crap out of the rest.

Far as land war not going after nuclear facilities then current state would be a long war depending who attacking, most war in the US would prove that the US is at a 50 disadvantage even with its large army case there never here and when they are here the percent would only bounce back to 38 percent disadvantage which is still a high number.

Posted 23 hours ago

Question is why are there so mercenaries inside the US ?

So in recent round up of groups and what activist and social media news. The question is why so many mercanaries inside the US well as KGB and few of european agents plus UN peace keepers hanging out.
They claim it looks lime there waiting for something to go down, well as the grouped up outside the US states.
Personally I got nothing to worry about since well shouldnt pick fights when you have tooth picks in ur hands.

Posted 23 hours ago

Question is why are there so mercenaries inside the US ?

So in recent round up of groups and what activist and social media news. The question is why so many mercanaries inside the US well as KGB and few of european agents plus UN peace keepers hanging out.
They claim it looks lime there waiting for something to go down, well as the grouped up outside the US states.
Personally I got nothing to worry about since well shouldnt pick fights when you have tooth picks in ur hands.

Posted 1 day ago

Currency and Trades

So after looking at the laws of gold verses paper backed currency and the shift to drop gold back currency back in 1993. The following markets up to the great depression would have been wrong in its up coming value of gold sitting around 1 dollar would have been worth 60 dollars off of the margin of 80 dollars verses an ounce given the common factor of mathematical equations they were using.

In which treasure of course at that time should have maybe taken a lesson in mathmatics.

Posted 1 day ago
Posted 4 days ago

time to teach them a lesson in law

Ok so john perry intelligence gathering doesnt pay to great as if you look on androids phones you will ISIS as part of the android system .

So ur going to say nic name nope united states allowed in with samsung galaxy phones which by congress ordered samsung galaxy band from the united states,was not allowed ever in the US nor was kim kardashian and family or iranian allowed computers or tablet phones with OS on them from united states because they use ISIS.

So john perry real question cause this isnt hard to figure out when ur loop search stays on the united states but could be made to look like its not so so the NSA or intelligence group that responsible for fielding this well there not very good if 55 percent play for ISIS to keep android device Not because there arab its because ISIS is no more then the ISDN on windows computer to dial out thru a ethernet with say magic jack or the back side of the modem running the telephone cord to pc modem old one of course changing icon to switch or router, then fielding it the verizon modem or just isdn thru landline which allows for the masking of certain things.

Posted 4 days ago

time to teach them a lesson in law

Posted 4 days ago

Lol I tell ya how smart old generations  are as well as anything other then my generation. I’m golden in what there doing plus all in my generation were given :P

Posted 5 days ago

Funny part about living in PA, US, World.

IS this little fact most up to but limiting 15 percent of foreigner aren’t really from there country over seas and the law in PA and there documents don’t match much so after looking at a few documents there number respectfully to there laws they don’t represent and the reason I say this is the acts don’t match the documents even when you check  them out in there prospective places.

Someone asked how can I sue or have Barrack Obama arrested well it’s simple one of the charges is Separation of Church and State and the new handy dandee Terrorist guidlines for how to deal  with them internationaly and locally better known as the Riot act and the other is bush’s Terrorist Act by religious standards.

You see I can prove that certain presidents allowed foreign adoption with kids that had large sums of money  and when i say large  not just 25 billion dollars  more then that hiting  the upper 3 digit lines in billions and slightly over the line trillions and possibly more how this works in 1997 they made a big deal about foreign adoption in  the other states and how it didn’t work out and treatment was well not good. The reason for this isn’t the first time  this has happened and adoption  in the united states has been going on over seas for more then 40 years. The fact of it is there not interested in the child well being as much as you more then likely got the wrong child back from the prospective parents and got a similar look alike. So if  the child  is up for adoption they pull out special forms and the money maybe retained in country they live which would be the smart thing to do and released at mature age of 18 of the agency or ambassador coming to get the child, so he could properly receive the funds or will and last rights of his parents or even parents and foster parents which ever the case.

Now for funds to land in US hands of the foster parents well that like 88 percents chance that the child will never see that money nor any effects from  his parents. Why I say this is cause in low line cases so far, up too 9 cases involving the country itself and the foreign country US or others, all that was long gone by his 26 to 32nd birthday, in some of the other cases we looked into they were thrown along side the road cut up or  dismembered  thrown along side the road like trash or thrown to the street poverty, so how honest are these people that handle it I can prove this stacks up too even  highest of ex royals and  one that call themselves Royal in any country  and even the united states. So really how much is that  bar of gold or that dollar bill can’t eat it can’t drink it mostly because cocaine the GOV new this for years, Mostly can’t bring a life back with it!!!!!!!!

Yes celebrities we all know you all were helping  in certain ways so the blood on your hands is just as much plus musicians, from the bottom of entertainment to it’s law making senators and congress to the girl that helps fill  out the papers.

So Raise your  glass give  ya self pat on  the back cause guess what America !! You send Innocent men to war by delegation and by  constituitional  rights but  long forget one thing.  That we the people of the  United states destroy that in which we were given are freedom of things but until this day we murder that which resist’s or that which is brighter or smarter by the delegation of are old and young. For those who don’t make it back from were ever they are, the innocent, there better off without Americia!!!

Note: In all religious books it states that those responsible for  those in making decisions US, World Wide. will feel the wrath of god since people are decision making people here in the US, then you will feel that with the rest that sit in power or who have authority.

1-1=0  or 350,000,000 million  minus 350,000,000,000 = 0  „,in the US get No entrance into heaven or the next world !!!!!!!!!!!!!

history lesson United states is not  the correct name of this place but the correct name is  America, the word north  is a direction not a name for a country.

Quote on  a license plate: Live Free or Die young

Thats why i call you stupid !!!!!!!!!

Posted 5 days ago

Celebrity caught in US and Canada Bribing people.

So in US and Canada people were wondering why there credit score took a dump main reason was celebrities and governments miss use of credit scores. So this is how it works first they frame ya with a mental problem and then they run bit and pieces of your credit score off on  other people after a few inside people inside there reporting agency taking cash in hand payoffs.

Outside of work, so taylor swift name came up on the underground system saying she was locking up with the panther for protection while clayton went around and set the ringer in the states that had secrets or cash. After this lautner  decided to open up a bank to get access to FDIC well as it serves as the tie in to the banking network from east to west and into europe and into china. So after this they then lock into VISA, MASTERCARD,DISCOVER and then after that they then have a pin wheel to access governement  system for intelligence since they have and still have 6 people plus 10 run in’s that quit to get top secret software that would aid them in there covering  up there tracks on the internet, FBI and CIA, UN,interpol,IMF, the only one they don’t have is KGB being there more hands on in  how they handle  stuff even when it comes to movies.

Posted 5 days ago

So on morning sit com show with girl advice.

First off I gotta laugh most celebrities cant balance out there check book grant we got a one down here who cant thou the one at lycoming is well running finance and there finance is well simply incorrect on how things are balance out.

So the View on tv funny part is they say I cry about lossing a ton money but there want to not repay there bills as well as make themselves younger and sleep and have sex with little teenagers dont beleive me we locked up a few in williamsport.

Like they say you lead whoopie to the watering hole but ya cant. Make her drink …sudden thought …..Donkie”whoopie” stop lieing to people about religion I proved it try reading if you can, you will see what I am talking about difference between the two but how they are the same.

So fun fact easy way to corner them is your religious correct they will say yes or no and the bible says not to support that of a familiar a familiar wether it be sex,money,etc.. for if they lead you into temptation and you follow them, then ur responsible for ur actions cause you new,well as the same gender as it covers other subjects in the bible. Side ways 8 you cant denie.
Far as the rest lol they like her have know clue

Posted 6 days ago

All coming to a close, you all beleive in magic and false gods going to go level them. 3 left 998 gone for good.

Posted 1 week ago

thanks  for mac id

long government lets this go,  the  more i prove the  US government was the one greasing  the wheels behind all terriost attack world wide.

The other fact is  FBI and  CIA are  responsible for all communications in US and abroad and or hiring of people or person without disregard  to  the past to secure a country even if  the most qualified has a criminal record to put  the most secure person in  a postion of knowledge or logistical advantage you see  this operartional code  from  black books of CIA and FBI hand books, as  well as the president to not interfer with how  the  government runs nor create a law that would interfer with  operational code or put someone in danger or harms way, so the other branchs  can do there job without conflict.

You see obama all a president is a target  for next JFK  instead of the next pearl habor.

Nice  way  of saying what you say on that public address to the world and what you allow to be quoted by press must within well being of  this country and law because we run you not you run us. You represent as well as given limited power to the president and  the rest to  the law makers and government to keep things in check by  branch and by politics,

So if your going to threaten people thru creative words or start a racial riot by empowerment or by  secretive acts such as builderberg it are right to walk into any of those meeting to see what your up too.

You life is not your own while a president but is given to the  service of the people to the united state and to it’s wealth but to make sure all are secure within best means possible if  this  is  the best then I’ll  come down ask secretive service to arrest you for unlawful conduct of a president and with relations unknown to americian people about certain events that  are in queston

Posted 1 week ago

" ARN" Black Knights Military, is not loyal to the queen or masonic nor anyone other then the King.!

You celebrities and youtuber and everyone else arent that found out can’t trust anyone other then those enlisted,