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Posted 2 weeks ago

You call people on here writers when they look young on pic but are in there 50’s in real life.

Posted 1 month ago

someone asked were are you religiously? my reply i watched a whole town of religious people plus a few states become the devils advocate guess what there done preachers and priest and everything in between plus muslim and jews. no point believing in a god that doesnt exist nor does his followers listen when there told to do something. So i just stick to myself cause i’m stronger that way rip the carpet out from underneath them since they didnt listen.

Posted 1 month ago

Note to investors!

Note to stock market paper currency self investing on super bills a bad investment! Current load of superbills in stock market is 22 percent. Sell

Posted 1 month ago

new visitors

Its always interesting to see how people far celebrities will go to hide there appearance when they dont want to be found. Simple as hiding in a small town or changing there look around or hiding there clons look alike.

If you cross one thou that smells like burning metal or metallic smell its best to stay away from that one, cause that ones soul’less.

So we had a few move back in and it went good for a while until the occult came out of some and thats when the battle began. PA kinda like south some times people go messing, so if ya come here best to keep on ur best behavior or ya might be on a milk carton.

Posted 1 month ago

Chicken,Fish,Meat which is better?

So coming from a weight lifter slash body builder back ground some would say what is better to eat for what type of work outs.

Truth of the matter is if you like eating or dont like eating ur in trouble both produce fat. So i am one of those that dont like to eat but guess what ya have to,so how much and what diet plan would be ideal. Guess what you need to know you before you even do that.

So lets talk quanitity first less isnt always better and more isnt always what you need. Ever sit there and say i gotta go to the gym yuck well good dont go that day but work on cheering yourself up for tommorrow. STOP. ok so you dont like working out to heavy to light,not enough eye candy then find a new gym that moves ya.

Now figuring out you we got the gym that works now we need to know that muscles, no you dont need a PHD to figure that out go check out the muscle chart now names
Are nice to remember but lets start with a few names each workout on a piece of paper and verbalize what were working on when starting a new excerise.

So now were in business so lets see i like taste with my food so salt, and sauces are going to be a factor so lets get to it. Light and low fat are ur enemy why i need that good and bad to make a good looking muscle that way i am not dumping good stuff out of my body.

Two most low and light fat and carbs stuff contain hydro products which will one step back ya in lossing weight 6 forward and one back is? Ya five so gotta make that up next time.

Three salt is ur friend unless its coming out of ur pores and that means ya OD on salt. Tiss tiss ur work it out just use less. The other fact these companies dont want to tell ya most of this is powder product made and carb and glutes get thick in ur body and accidents happen with torn muscles and tendens. Ya need liquid to keep them nice and flexy and protein to keep them strong and durable. So throw out the low fat and light and get a smaller plate plus taste is there you might just have to orphan the salt shaker for a few meals.

So lets get to it once the plate is smaller were using small amounts of bacon grease and lard and oil which ever ya like and not soaking are food in it then will loose weight and feel good.

So what good is chicken? Chicken is a strengthner in the sense light and easy on getting rid of right about middle of the scale.
Fish and sea food cooked correctly also meaning none exotic foods. Well guess what good toner light on working out but very little protein value Ouch didnt seenthat coming but good if stuck at sea with nothing to eat. It does have one good quality its contains endoplasmicreticuleum lost ya :p, slim good for membranes and help lock in all that good blood and fluid so if ya get hurt or cut you clot and not bleed so much its good for circulation in the bodies blood and artery section as well as helping layer film between muscle layers to adhere them so there correct looking and strong. It also provides good making of veins inner human plumbing if your a mother expecting. Plus it helps decrease cancer and lumps in breast with clams by helping re-enforce the inner liner in ur boob and can help with lifting ur breast back up to nipply position you once had.

So lets meat cow meat mooooo…. ok now move your train of thought away from mad cow its called rabic rancid meaning dont let ur cows eat bloody or other animals thinking its health it not.

So my favorite topic red meat,pork,lamb, minus exotic.
So all these are good except pork but good side of pork is it can undo CLAM ok or seafood is ya over do it, and become to flabby with know form but small amounts.

So finally were at lamb and red meat, lamb fully cooked with butter over a fire till done for how ever long it takes will melt in ur mouth. Far warning lamb is not to be eaten red cause lambs meat can make ya sick and have parasites more then most animals. What else is it good its a common meat so its benefit is a green light eater”grass” so its gonna be healthy but not like the others if not fed some oaks and grain but will provide a healthy protein factor.

So Red meat what does it contribute well thats simple
It contrubites protein to help power up ur diet and work out. It also has more iron”good for killing cramps” then most meats minus liver which isnt a meat but an organ dont mix those two together cause organs are tougher and have only one or two sides benfites with vitamin or No vitamin value.

So red meats are more well balanced then most minus steroid, hormon injected not good and can cause weight gain. So eat natural or Usda or better most of the time.

Here the trick balance a nice meal with trick combination from all kinds of vegetables and rices and grains frozen not canned cheaper if your a college kid or low income plus the vitamins are there for ya kids and you were canned alot of it is sitting on that fluid you threw down the drain, fresh is good as a filler or snack or if ya can afford it.

The idea is smaller plate mid portions all the way around the main course plus small or medium side but ya gotta eat everything on your plate the rest we can eat later and work on. Dont forget bread for muscle cause protein comes fiber needed to put it all together with water or tea.

Main thing is dont get stuck on just one thing far as meats gotta have variety. The other thing pastas are good for help keep bones health but to much of that or soups guess what weak ankles and bad wrist and joints.
Dont forget the bread if ya soupie it and little butter on it ya spreadddd.

The other thing is have fun dont be afraid to skip a workout and dont stsnd in front of the mirror it lies and so do cameras.

Hope ya learned a few things and have a good evening or night mate!

Posted 1 month ago

Snow and Rain

For long wind on a snow bitten trail
Here lay the she in the wind,
Love bitten by books and poetry on wings
Her imagination loving the warm deep words flowing thru to her mind. Tiny little thoughts dance to and fro as i read my daily collection to her of my thoughts and whims on reed spoke stick.

Thunder comes in the distance as the sun casacades behind the clouds to best out its block. For the fluffy white cottons beat the rays and the droplets of cold bitter rain desended on are camp. For with quick moves in and thru the parking lot and into the car seat we charge as we have books oved head not thinking of what poetry might now be dead

Written by: Terry W E Sechler

Posted 1 month ago

direct hit

Posted 1 month ago

Banking hours

So i went the bank pulled out my golden disk that I have been holding onto and the fireworks begin. Dont wanna help then will see how good i am. Fire fly storm

Posted 1 month ago
So why you got my hand in ur cookie jar O thats ur hand mind if i have one.
Posted 1 month ago

So if ya see a photo up means they tried to steal something.

Posted 1 month ago
We are the most powerful country in the world but we cant find that one person were looking for , opps there they go missed.
Posted 1 month ago
Posted 1 month ago

Worst thing the internet did was let tumblr/ facebook up when myspace was much more fun.


Posted 1 month ago

Tumblr doesnt investigate anything.

So recent help articles i found that tumblr been spying on members of tumblr to help other artis look better on there page by phone hacking for money of grabbing and using other peoples devices without permission. So if thats not bad enough you will see a http with fdesk meaning ur being redirected to a facebook account of someone who can pick ur ideas and thoughts before you can post them so its who stuff we steal now. Well filed a report on ya with alot of different agencies so good luck

Posted 1 month ago